Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where Is The Church? Where Am I?

From June 29, 2009

With all the talk by so many churches wanting to be like it was in the book of Acts, I wonder how far we are willing to go to test that! The real model seemed to be not so much in preaching to grow but in serving and experiencing growth as a by-product. I read a comment by our campus pastor, Howard Frist, that got me thinking about this; he said, "I wonder what would happen if we as the "C"hurch followed Jesus pattern when He was here and worked to meet peoples physical needs first?"
Tonight, Kim and I were at the home of a dear relative who recently has been drawn back to God through the encouraging environment of New Spring Church and the teachings of Perry Noble. She has had it rough in her life, a combination of a rough upbringing and bad choices, living most of her life as a single mom; currently separated, and now, clinging onto Jesus like never before and sharing Him everywhere she goes. Life is still hard for her in many ways and Kim and I discovered many things she needs help fixing around her house so she can sell and remove a lot of financial pressures as she seeks to honor God.
It's time for me to stop saying "Be warm and filled" and start serving like Jesus and BE the church more than just writing a check and running video at my church. Those are important too, but it's too easy to get disconnected from my "Neighbor" and cross to the other side of the road when I leave the four walls of a building.
The church in the book of Acts first met the needs of people (so much so that servants, ie deacons, were needed to help distribute money, food, etc) and that was what drew people to the Church after that first day of Pentecost. If we as the Church really want to see a move of God, it will start with me and you truly being out in the trenches and loving on people in a tangible way!
I'm rolling up my sleeves...

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