Monday, July 20, 2009

Connecting the Dots

This morning as I read some daily Bible reading as provided by YouVersion , I saw a pattern of continuity that is throughout scripture.

II Samuel 4 and 5 show the consolidation of David's kingdom and the futility of the Philistine's trust in their gods to give victory. I also appreciate that God does not hide the finer points of David's failings in taking concubines and wives though he was a man that pursued God and most times consulted of Him for direction. I believe God lets us see these frailties to remind us that He knows our weaknesses and to lean on Him; and to hopefully let us avoid some of the same pitfalls in our life.

Fast-forward to Jeremiah 10 where God is doing kind of a "I told you so" scenario for Israel still in future tense about following the idols that were nothing but sticks and stones made by the people that worship them. Perry Noble spoke yesterday at New Spring about the idols in our lives that we hold onto. Oh, I'd like to say that I don't have an idol, but the truth is, the minute someone tries to topple my idol, I get mad! My idol that God has revealed to me lately is PRIDE! I get my nose out of joint far too easily when others don't work around what I think should happen. God has really been gracious but firm in telling me, "Get rid of that idol" Umm, when God tells you that, it's best to do it!

Lastly, Matthew 21 - Jesus is greeted by well wishers (at best) as He rides into Jerusalem (that David conquered and fortified in II Samuel!) The irony though is that those same greeters turned into an angry mob calling for His crucifixion! Ouch! We've all experienced that to a degree maybe through someone who has stabbed us in the back, but it is also very easy to be a part of that mob too!

As these 3 passages come together, I pray; "God, let me be one who crucifies this flesh (toppling the idol of Pride), worships in Spirit and Truth (and not part of the mindless mob), and prays for Your guidance before making a move (as David in going to battle)! - Amen"

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