Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Freedom Rings - Can You Hear It?

Tonight starts the mini-vacation that is Freedom Weekend! As I write this, my daughter, Jessie, is peppering me with requests for words for her Mad Libs that she just got as an early birthday present. She turns 10 on Friday and is loving the freedom that this summertime brings!

Any of the patriotic weekends make me think of my relatives and friends that have served and/or fought for us to enjoy these freedoms. My Grampy, Samuel Giberson (now with Jesus), who as a lad of 16, headed to France in WWI and fought in one of the greatest battles of Canadian Army history - Vimy Ridge. He narrowly survived a bullet through his neck!

My friend (now with Jesus), James Clinton, who at the tender age of 19 was busy shooting down kamikaze's from the deck of his Cruiser in the Pacific

My dad, Leo Gallant, served as a Military Policeman in the Korean War and for 22 years in peacetime.

My brother, Bruce Gallant, served 20 years as an Artillery Officer.

And now my nephew, Charles Gallant, is in boot camp in the AirForce.

All the men that I have met who served in VietNam and in the Gulf Wars...

I love these men that God has put in my life as a reminder that Freedom is never Free. I love the fact that they were/are willing to lay it all on the line for you and me. I don't thank them enough, I don't appreciate their service enough, and truthfully, I never can fully. I can, however, live my life in a way that honors their service and sacrifice.

I am surrounded by heroes. We all are... Thanks Guys...

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