Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dads On The Day After

From June 22, 2009

Yesterday was a great Father's Day for me. I got to spend lots of time with my kids travelling down to the beach. When you drive for 5 hours, it's nice to have people you love in the car with you! We've all endured long trips where the company hasn't been near as pleasant!
It's always interesting and fun to observe the differences there are at each age of my kids (9, 13, and 17) especially when it comes to choosing the music or movie in the car! But also on the wide variety of topics we chat about, age and maturity bring different perspectives. Our youngest, Jessica, typically lives in her world where everything revolves around her imagination! Our middle girl, Nicole, loves the closeness of the family circle (group hugs!) with just a hint of branching out beyond our inner circle. Steve, our oldest, has just one more full year with us and I can already see adventure in his eyes!
I pray for my kids. I pray that I am preparing them for the full life where they can see God's blessing in all areas of their lives. I pray that they will always follow and believe in God as a BIG GOD and that they will not be afraid to attempt the impossible! I pray that God will stretch their minds as He has mine. I pray that they will fly farther than I ever will. I pray that they will find true love and cherish the simple things in life.
I have been truly blessed with a great family. Just some thoughts this morning from the beach!
Have a Good Day!

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