Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More than I Deserve

From Jan 29, 2009

People often wonder about where songs come from and the truth is, songs can come from very unusual places: life's ups and downs, time with God, time with family and friends, a funny experience, a moving experience.
This particular song came from the story (referenced in a message at NewSpring Church last fall) of the paralyzed guy whose friends brought him to Jesus. I mean they REALLY brought him to Jesus - front and center. They were not deterred at all! They didn't consult anyone about the ethics of bringing this handicapped man to a religious gathering and we don't know if he even wanted to go. Something about this Jesus compelled these guys to hold nothing back and they did everything possible in their power to get a front row seat. Many, I'm sure, raised their eyebrows or even rolled their eyes at the idea of doing something so radical as to actually tear someones roof apart (I can hear the sirens now). Somehow, I'm thinking that they probably stayed and did some roofing before catching up with their friend with the newly energized legs! There is an awesome power that Jesus recognized in these guys; it's called faith. That faith started a chain of events that forever changed both theirs and their friends life. As a reward to their faith, Jesus looks at the guy on the mat who can't walk and says the unexpected, "Son, your sins are forgiven". Umm, I'm thinking that was the last thing anyone was expecting to hear; including the guys who brought him to Jesus.
My family and I have recently had the opportunity to see people we love reconnect with Jesus, simply by being willing to be a part of their lives and also inviting them to worship with us (inviting them to encounter Jesus). It's always so cool to see God do the unexpected in how he works in people's lives and to realize that this life is a journey that we all are on. God always looks past the things that we think are the issues and addresses the reality of what holds us down so he can lift us up! I know that God has used good friends in my life to encourage me to keep my eyes on him and on the desires that God has placed in me. Now, for each of us, the way we speak into each other's lives will look very different; for some, it'll be verbal, and for others, actions, some-a little of both.
I want to do that for others, through my songs, through words of encouragement. How does it look for you? We've all been "given more than we deserve", and have the capacity to really "live life"!

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