Thursday, July 2, 2009

Timing Is Everything

I'm sitting on the back screen porch...tree frogs are's past midnight after this great day of waterfall hiking in North Carolina. I just got done reading some of my favorite blogs. I'm encouraged and challenged by these guys...

Steve is playing his guitar working on some new riffs for a song idea...occasionally asking me how it sounds...I saw on Twitter tonight, one of the GA guys I follow, his son just started crawling today; reminded me of Steve taking those first steps toward the Sunday Football game some 16 years ago.

Where does the time go? We ask this a lot, but seriously, this is flying much too fast for my liking!

We live in time, we plan around it, we hope and dream. The years slip by and we check to see if the dreams we envisioned have come to fruition or if they have been sitting, collecting dust.

I have a few dreams that I want to see come to pass. I want to fall more in love with Jesus. I want to fall more in love with Kim. I want to make great music that will bless others. I want to take better care of this body God has given me. (Yah, I saw the pics from our hike today!) I want my kids to always know how much I love them. I want to serve others more and have the financial freedom to do this more than we do.

I'm trying my best to follow Jesus and his example; resting in his grace and letting Him establish the timing for the dreams that He has placed in me. I love the fact that He has never forgotten me or walked away from me. As Matthew says, He is with me to the end of Time!

What dream has Jesus placed in you? Whatever it is, He has not forgotten, He has set the clock and when it is time, BE READY! Keep hanging on...

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