Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Leading Through Change

Got to spend a little time this afternoon at our new New Spring Greenville Offices on the way home from my office. One thing that strikes me about the New Spring staff is that they are themselves whether they are at the gathering spot (Carolina First Center) or at the office. I really appreciate their friendliness and it's cool to watch the obvious love and comraderie they share! Thanks to Kevin for the tour; it really is a great facility for the offices and FUSE student ministry!

I enjoyed getting to hear from Howard how God has moved through this whole amazing relocation deal. (He needs to write a book!) I get the sense as I recently saw someone on Twitter say to the effect of, "Better than having amazing stuff; Having amazing stories!" Listening to Howard's stories of working through the maze of negotiations and relo details is definitely a testimony to the fact that Howard believes that God is BIG and wants to do way BIGGER things than we could ever imagine. BIGGER things like the work that God is doing in people's lives through encouragement and introducing them to Jesus! I'm glad my campus pastor has this kind of faith even when things are uncertain. Im praying that God will continue to give wisdom as they strive to provide the right environments for people to experience worship and community - challenging when we are a Mobile Church! But hey, the Church should always be Mobile in a sense, right?

God is using our local body in so many interwoven stories going on in the Greenville area that it's impossible to deny His leading in all this! He has assembled a great staff who desire to walk in step with his leading and aren't afraid to mix it up and stay on the edge of their seat!

Rock on guys!

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