Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please Pray for Scott and Family

Scott is doing much better thanks so much guys for all the prayers and messages, I will have fun reading them to him if he finally wakes up long enough to listen to them, or we could just do one each hour - he is very sluggish and sleepy, but walked around and ate a good breakfast.
here is the link to the local news article -


We just got word this afternoon that Kim's cousin, Scott Randolph, was hit by a car while riding his motorcyle. Fortunately, he had his helmet on and a heavy leather coat which helped.

Pretty serious head trauma, no broken bones and they are keeping him sedated so the swelling can go down.

Please remember Scott in prayer that he will be able to recover with no ill effects. Scott and Jenny have served many years in missions with New Tribes until just recently as they wait on God's next step for them. Pray also for Jenny and the kids to know the arms of God around them at this time.

We love you guys!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Times of Reflection

Recently we were on a camping trip with our home group. Oconee State Park, just north of Walhalla, SC brings great scenery for your camera. Our daughter, Nicole, is our family photog, (and on her Middle School yearbook staff) and so this is one her captures. I'm always intrigued by reflections in the water. They offer us an alternate view that we may not have considered before and sometimes the imgage is a little distorted by activity in the water.

When I stop occasionaly to reflect on where I am in this life that God has set before me, I often see things to consider that I hadn't thought of before. Reflection is a necessary part of growth and Scripture is replete with reminders of what my next steps are. The reflection sometimes is a little hazy and requires me to spend that time with God and listen for His voice to direct my next step.

A friend of mine from Twitter, has been doing some reflecting and is now pursuing taking his ministry full time. The power and assurance of God has come through in his time of listening to God's voice in moving him forward. That is such a refreshing thing to see! God speaks if we will listen!

For me, I too am trying to listen carefully to the voice of God . My life has been interesting in regards to Church ministry. Majored in youth ministry at Bob Jones (whole other story!), and have always worked as a lay minister with youth (5 years) and as a worship leader (9 years). Did home church for 5 years, and now plugged in with the body at NewSpring Church for 2. God has been good to me and my family and I have just always tried to be available for whatever role He wants me to fulfill. I immensely enjoy connecting with members of the larger "C"hurch and with finding ways to bring people/ministries together! I tool around with songwriting/recording and maybe one day will have something produced.

God has allowed me to work with some fantastic people! Some are believers and some are searching. It's my privilege to rub shoulders with them all and I pray that my life and friendship will lift them all as I allow Jesus to live through me. They all know that I do not nor pretend to have it all together! As it should be! We've been through lots together and the bonds runs deep!

What reflections have you considered lately? Take the time - it's time well spent!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just a quick post as the girls get ready for school...

There is so much going on, that life can seem to go by in a blur! The enemy would love for me to run that treadmill constantly and have such a crazy view of life that I never stop. God calls us to times of rest and refreshing. He knows our frame, He knows when we need renewal, He calls us to spend time with Him. Just as Jesus made it a habit to connect with His Father, we, so much the more, need that.

Take time regularly to connect with the Father and be refreshed and lift your needs and the needs of others to Him. Praise Him for who He is and His power to overcome and conquer the craziness and to bring a deep sense of purpose for your life as you fulfill your true calling and place in the body of Christ!

For the Christian, we have access to THE one and only GOD who is limitless in love and power. Plug in!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Love Teachers!

Been working these past couple of days giving workshops and helping teachers get their classroom technology ready for school starting! All across South Carolina, our crews are finishing up summer installations and getting ready for the next round of fall installations. It'll be a little quiet the next couple weeks as schools get settled into the school year rhythm. A chance for me to get caught up on projects back at the lab/warehouse to get ready for our fall series of roadshows and conferences.

By far though, I love being in the classroom; conducting workshops for teachers, helping them take that next step of integrating technology in a meaningful way for their students. To me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a teacher create an engaging interactive lesson and present it at the end of our session! I love to see the "lights" go on and listen to all the ideas that begin to flow from the group about how to reach today's "digital natives".

Teaching today is a tremendous challenge for the 21st Century educator. They are loaded with way more stuff than just teaching anymore! They come early, stay late, just to be prepared and catch up on emails and fill out forms and more forms! Those that embrace the interactive technologies with so many online resources are finding valuable time saved! Having been in thousands of classrooms across the Carolinas and witnessing these amazing servants, I have to say, I have a lot of RESPECT for today's teacher! It is my mission to these servants to show them how to gain more time for doing what they love to do, what they were called to do; TEACH!

Do you remember your favorite teacher growing up? I had a few, but in particular, my first grade teacher, Mrs. Wilke, way up in Cold Lake, Alberta, CANADA will always come to mind. She was old school in strictness but very very passionate in giving us hands on experiences so we could be out of our seats to learn like little ones do. I'll always remember studying how heat can melt things and learning that by melting marshmallows mixed with coconut and then dipping other marshmallows in it and getting to eat it!

As school starts up, think of ways you can encourage a teacher (especially your kids'), they will appreciate it more than you may ever know!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rainy Day Thoughts

Nice rainy day today. Rain is a reminder of God's promises to sustain his creation! Reading in Jeremiah 33 today, God promised to revisit and keep His promise to restore Israel and that His promise was as sure as what He does to keep his creation rolling!
God's promises to you and me are the same! He promises to hold us in the palm of His hand, to give us the strength to endure trials, to show us more than we can imagine, to lead us into the full (abundant) life, to prepare us a place in Heaven, to bring us to Him for all eternity!

Do you look at rain as gloomy or as a reminder of God's faithfulness to you? I try to see the latter!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Thoughts

I just got back from another work week where I took Kim and the girls with me. I've really enjoyed trying to take the fam with me on these trips this summer, it sure makes the week go a little faster being able to spend the evenings with family! The girls have enjoyed 3 trips to 3 different beaches this summer; North Myrtle, Surfside, and Wrightsville. It's been very different for Kim and I to have Steven working full time this summer; we've certainly missed him as he has been travelling with the installation crew during the week for the company I work for. It's been very cool to see the girls bond this summer. Our oldest girl, Nicole, has always hung around her older brother and our youngest, Jessica, has very different interests from her sister, so seeing them spend time swimming, boogey boarding, playing games, etc. has been awesome! I have so much to be thankful for! So blessed by Jesus!

Summer's clock is ticking. It's hard to believe where the time has gone! In another week and ahalf, the kids will be packing lunches and bookbags and headed to meet their new teachers (and they will kill me for reminding them!)

Speaking of Back to School, check out what Michael Harrison and The Community are planning for tons of kids in Henry County, VA! And when it comes to kids, the conditions these kids from Swaziland have to live in will break your heart! Check out Childrens Cup ministries and join in the 40 days of Prayer for the Children!

God tells us to "present our bodies as living sacrifices, which is our reasonable service". Reading in the OT this week on the life of David, it really opened my eyes to see David MOVE the heart of God. How amazing is that! David would not present an offering to God that did not involve costly sacrifice on his part. God is at work all around us, in Greenville SC, Atlanta GA, Beaufort SC, Collinsville VA, Kenya, Swaziland, etc get the picture, and He is inviting us to join Him. And how much better to join in where he is already working!

I am currently pursuing ways to impact my community. I do volunteer at our local church, but am also looking for ways to join God's mission in my Mon-Sat too. I've got ideas, and will share soon where I will be concentrating efforts. Would you pray for me as I hope to finalize plans this week? God Bless!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Beware the Yellow Jacket!

Pesky little critters...I didn't see them til I ran over them with the riding mower...all I could think about was the 80 year old man I read about that did the same thing and was instantly swarmed and killed! Read Here

These creatures had dug a nest right next to my house a couple years ago and a little trip to the DIY Pest Control place set me up with the fix to get rid of them. And now, a new colony had moved into the old 3/4 inch hole in the ground. There was also a new second nest nearby right next to the water spigot.

I've heard of guys pouring gasoline down the hole at night, but I was a little worried about blowing up my house with the nest literally 6 feet from the nest. Plus, I'm not sure how deep and wide their nest goes, and I could see me throwing a match at it, just for fun, only to create a crater where the yard used to be!

So, being the calm, collected guy I try to portray. I did what any manly man would do - don the Ninja Suit! Armed with some kind of bee poison I can't pronounce, I commenced to attack! Now, the guy told me to approach the nest hole at night and stick the nozzle in the hole and squeeze for as long as I dare.
I approach the 1st hole, faithful wife holding the light directly on the hole; "Not right on the hole!!" , I scream, "Are you trying to wake them up??!!" (Kim rolls eyes) Now with light slightly off hole, I position the bottle and squeeze - with all my might - Nothing comes out. "Don't freak out, don't freak out", I think.
After cutting the nozzle a little bigger I reapproach the hole and this time success! The precious poison flows like a champ. I repeat the performance on the second hole, thus saving the world from another tragic yellow jacket headline.
Dealing with yellow jackets can be hazardous, but even more hazardous would be to not deal with them. Believe me, I learned a couple years ago that they do not go away on their own. Funny how life is like that, whether an insect infestation or something in my life that I don't want to deal with. As good ol' Barney Fife used to say, "We need to Nip it in the Bud".
Are we ignoring anything that God has brought to mind that needs attention? A relationship, health issue, ministry idea, challenges? Deal with it now before you wish you had and reap the blessing of knowing it's overcome! It's a great feeling knowing I and my family can walk out in the yard without trouble rearing it's ugly head (or stinger!) It's also a great feeling when I deal with issues in my life sooner rather than later. Better the savor of success, than the sting of regret!