Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Blogger App

So, Google released a long awaited app for iPhone. I'm using it right now on the iPad, although it's not a universal app. Still, it's a little better than trying to post on the web with an iPad. Google Blogger. I wonder, if there are better apps for iPad that allows you to post to a Blogger account. Anyone?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 Reasons I Have No Problem With Michael Hyatt

I've read a couple of bloggers out there lately that are doing some drastic maintenance to their Twitter accounts. Deleting ALL their followers and starting over! Michael Hyatt (Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers) is one of them. The man has had over 110,000 people he was following on Twitter! I barely have 500, and I'm ok with that. I also admire Michael and the following that he has been able to build through a lot of work! I LOVE what he shares on a daily basis on his many varied subjects. I've never met him, and even if I had (at a conference etc...), I know enough about these kinds of leaders to respect the fact that they are human beings just like us and can only do and respond to so much; as such, I can not expect him to really know me just because I follow him on Twitter! In fact, many of Michael's posts relate to learning to prioritize your life and learning to say no to the wrong activities to remain open for the things we need to stay open to. So... It should come as no surprise that he and others like him are cleaning up followings that quite frankly SPAM the heck out of these guys.

Here's the big 3.

1. Quality Content. Period! I'm not sure what it is, but Michael, flat out, has some of the best Stuff in Blogdom! His is the only blog that I literally read every day.

2. Consistently Useful Information. I've learned and applied more from his blog than any book I've read. I feel like Michael is my personal mentor without ever having met the man. That's a powerful writer who seems to know my next quest for knowledge!

3. Character. You don't lead a company successfully or find areas in your life needing change without character. Michael surprises me how even with his successes, he has the humility to continue to find and implement what he needs to go to the next level! Best of all, he shares that with his audience. As I write this, his automated unfollow feature for Twitter has him down to 95K, and I'm still in that number. That will change in a day or two, and that's ok :-), I plan on still leaning all I can from him and others like him!