Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Initial Review of Tony Morgan's "Killing Cockroaches"

From January 5th, 2009

I'm about 70 pages into this reading of Tony's "musings on leadership". First of all, you might be surprised to know that although there are a lot of references to "church" leadership, Tony's experiences from the corporate and public sector, and now church world very much translate to any walk of life.
I've enjoyed how he has broken up his experiences and stories into smaller snippets making it easy to sit down and read just enough to digest instead of expecting this short attention spanned reader to try and consume/digest it all.
Tony's stories point out for us how distracted we can become whether intentional or unintentional. These distractions are the "cockroaches" and are the things that keep us from focusing on our real purpose. We love the immediate gratification of killing cockroaches, or "putting out fires" to some. When it comes to being a leader, we can either lead and delegate (both tasks and authority) or we can hog all those tasks (and authority) and only deliver mediocrity.
Cudos for using multiple examples from different types of leaders and not just his own. I guess he is trying to put his own observations into practice!
Tony ( is one of our pastors and the Chief Strategic Officer at New Spring Church ( and his job is to shake things up and keep communications from ever getting static in how New Spring does church. Not always popular, usually controversial, he says he's living his dream life! Keep it coming, Tony, we need it.

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