Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts from Last Night at All Access

Wow, what a great time last night with the ARC All Access 2010 Conference!  We got to hear from 10 rows back, speaker and leader of leaders, John Maxwell as well as Hillsong Church pastor, Brian Houston.

John spoke on the subject of his new book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect and I gotta say, has such a way of illustrating the simple truths of relationship that go deep into the heart.  Here's a couple of excerpts from last night.

  1. Connecting with people means it's about OTHERS.
  2. The worse thing in the world is an insecure leader who thinks everyone out to love him/her.
  3. Connecting with people takes energy.
  4. Look at how Jesus was willing to be inconvenienced to connect with others.
Brian spoke on the power of Prayer and that God LOVES to do the Extraordinary with Ordinary people through prayer.  Prayer can involve:
  1. Being still before God.
  2. Crying out to God.
  3. Being fervent (indignant) before God for the wrongs we see around us that need God's touch.
And what a great time of worshiping with the Hillsong United Band.  I think we sang for over an hour and a half!  Surprised I can still talk today!

Today will be another great day, loving getting to meet the guys I've connected with through Twitter and  online Bible Study, adventures will abound today, for sure!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Picture Night...

Had a lot of fun tonight with Kim's parents and Aunt/Uncle over to see our pics from our Florida trip.  Kim and her mom are both getting ready to redo their family picture walls.  We haven't done family photos in several years... lets just say I was still a vest-wearing, goatee-sporting worship leader from the late 90's when we last posed!

It's always interesting seeing everyone's take on what they like or don't like in a photo so needless to say, Kim and her mom will have quite the time trying to narrow down their choices from the 470 pictures!

These are a couple of my favorites - hey, it's my blog, so I can choose! : - )

Here too is one of Steve and Emily out on their Prom night tonight - what a handsome couple and looking all grown up!                                                  

And hamming it up with his best friend, Hank!

And that's all for tonight!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Thoughts from a Proud Dad...

Sitting here in the breakfast room at the Hampton Inn while the fam sleeps in...

This weekend we are in Columbia.  Steve had his semi-final high school lacrosse game last night.  Wow!  What a game!  We came so close to beating Greenville HS, but didn't quite make it.  The guys played their hearts out, and really made us proud.  Both teams played very well and it was a nail-biter for sure!

So proud of my son and the man he is becoming.  It's not easy to accomplish what he has: academically, athletically, musically, and spiritually.

Academically, in the top 10% of his class (gets that from his mom!)

Athletically, captain of the lacrosse team for 2 years and one of the team's leading scorers.  I'm pretty sure he can bench more than me now and I don't know if I could take him any more in an arm wrestle!

Musically, he is really developing his God-give talent for writing and performing songs!  He and Hank are an inseparable song-writing team, and will work hours on crafting  just the right song, then with the help of Josh, record the tracks.  So enjoyable listening to them in this creative process!

Spiritually, a leader.  Never afraid to talk up Jesus with any of his friends - and not just his church going friends, he is admired and respected by all.  He is a friend to all of them.

I gotta say, going to NewSpring Church has been one of the best moves for our family.  I believe that one of the reasons Steve is where he is today in his walk with Jesus, is because of what he gets to hear from Perry Noble every week.  Perry has a real way of reaching young men that appeals to them.  He tells it like it is.  And the Youth Leaders, Davey, Joe, and Tony there have really taken to Steve and spend time with him and keep him challenged.  Seriously, Kim and I could not do this on our own; it takes the Church augmenting what we teach at home to help take our kids to the next level.

42 more days to Steve's graduation.  Hard to believe he's heading off to college in the fall.  Please keep Steve in your prayers, good men can be hard to find in this world, and I believe God has incredible plans for him!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in the Saddle

After a week off last week, it can be especially hard to refocus back on the job!

Lots to do at work, so for me, it involves making out some lists and prioritizing to get me back on track.

And of course, I love this video description of all our jobs at times...


Sunday, April 4, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ahh, the sounds and smells of Spring!  This weekend, Kim and I put our garden in.  Planted lots of good things.  We work 2 different garden plots with her dad, Carl.  The top level garden we do vegetables, and the lower level is mostly corn, sometimes with a few squash plants.

We keep things simple on our side of the garden,  2 large tomato plants, 1 Roma, and 1 Cherry.  2 Straight-necked Yellow Squash plants, 2 Zucchini, and 2 pickling cucumber plants.  1 row of peas, and 1 row consisting of Beets and Radishes.

On the lower plot, Carl has planted 4 rows of corn already, and we'll plant some more in another week, trying to keep a steady supply of corn throughout the summer!

After planting and seeding, Gardening is a lot of watering, weeding, thinning, and more watering and weeding!  However, there is something strangely soothing about being out there in the soil keeping things clean and conducive to growing.  Maybe it's our connection with the soil from creation when God formed us from the dust of the ground.  The dirt runs through our fingers as we pluck weeds, smoothing around the plants and rows, gets under our fingernails, and invariably into our socks and shoes!  Still, there is no better therapy after a busy day and such a great environment for light and deep conversations between Kim and I.

We plant, water, and weed in faith that we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor in a few weeks!

Gardening has so many crossovers to life if we'll take time to consider.  So many of the above mentioned principles apply.  Relationships take nurturing.  I think this is why Jesus spoke using so many references to agriculture.  Care in our relationships with our spouses and children will yield a bountiful increase in our lives for many, many years.

So... how's your garden?

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tomorrow is the Big Day. 
Have you ever thought about why Jesus sweat "great drops of blood" as he considered what was about to take place?  What gripped him so much that he prayed, "Father, if there is any other way, but not my will, but yours"
Can it be that the Son of God for the first time in his life and eternality came face to face with the 2 things that he had no idea would be like? 
Sin and Death.  Never before personally experienced by any of the Godhead.
Sin from my life placed on him.
My deserved death served up to him.
Sin that could only be paid for by his blood.
Death that only could be resurrected by his Father.
No wonder Jesus is the one who can mediate for us like no one else.
He gives life through his Spirit to all who call on him.
He is... Jesus