Thursday, August 27, 2009

Please Pray for Scott and Family

Scott is doing much better thanks so much guys for all the prayers and messages, I will have fun reading them to him if he finally wakes up long enough to listen to them, or we could just do one each hour - he is very sluggish and sleepy, but walked around and ate a good breakfast.
here is the link to the local news article -


We just got word this afternoon that Kim's cousin, Scott Randolph, was hit by a car while riding his motorcyle. Fortunately, he had his helmet on and a heavy leather coat which helped.

Pretty serious head trauma, no broken bones and they are keeping him sedated so the swelling can go down.

Please remember Scott in prayer that he will be able to recover with no ill effects. Scott and Jenny have served many years in missions with New Tribes until just recently as they wait on God's next step for them. Pray also for Jenny and the kids to know the arms of God around them at this time.

We love you guys!

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