Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just a quick post as the girls get ready for school...

There is so much going on, that life can seem to go by in a blur! The enemy would love for me to run that treadmill constantly and have such a crazy view of life that I never stop. God calls us to times of rest and refreshing. He knows our frame, He knows when we need renewal, He calls us to spend time with Him. Just as Jesus made it a habit to connect with His Father, we, so much the more, need that.

Take time regularly to connect with the Father and be refreshed and lift your needs and the needs of others to Him. Praise Him for who He is and His power to overcome and conquer the craziness and to bring a deep sense of purpose for your life as you fulfill your true calling and place in the body of Christ!

For the Christian, we have access to THE one and only GOD who is limitless in love and power. Plug in!

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