Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Times of Reflection

Recently we were on a camping trip with our home group. Oconee State Park, just north of Walhalla, SC brings great scenery for your camera. Our daughter, Nicole, is our family photog, (and on her Middle School yearbook staff) and so this is one her captures. I'm always intrigued by reflections in the water. They offer us an alternate view that we may not have considered before and sometimes the imgage is a little distorted by activity in the water.

When I stop occasionaly to reflect on where I am in this life that God has set before me, I often see things to consider that I hadn't thought of before. Reflection is a necessary part of growth and Scripture is replete with reminders of what my next steps are. The reflection sometimes is a little hazy and requires me to spend that time with God and listen for His voice to direct my next step.

A friend of mine from Twitter, has been doing some reflecting and is now pursuing taking his ministry full time. The power and assurance of God has come through in his time of listening to God's voice in moving him forward. That is such a refreshing thing to see! God speaks if we will listen!

For me, I too am trying to listen carefully to the voice of God . My life has been interesting in regards to Church ministry. Majored in youth ministry at Bob Jones (whole other story!), and have always worked as a lay minister with youth (5 years) and as a worship leader (9 years). Did home church for 5 years, and now plugged in with the body at NewSpring Church for 2. God has been good to me and my family and I have just always tried to be available for whatever role He wants me to fulfill. I immensely enjoy connecting with members of the larger "C"hurch and with finding ways to bring people/ministries together! I tool around with songwriting/recording and maybe one day will have something produced.

God has allowed me to work with some fantastic people! Some are believers and some are searching. It's my privilege to rub shoulders with them all and I pray that my life and friendship will lift them all as I allow Jesus to live through me. They all know that I do not nor pretend to have it all together! As it should be! We've been through lots together and the bonds runs deep!

What reflections have you considered lately? Take the time - it's time well spent!

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