Saturday, January 1, 2011

Satuday Mornings

Well, it sure feels nice to begin 2011 on a Saturday! 

Just hearing "Saturday morning" evokes great memories from childhood.  Saturday morning had the magic to wake me up early when every other day of the week wants to keep me under the covers.  Cartoons that only came on Saturday were fun to anticipate!  It called to a day-long adventure that was made up as you go or planned days in advance.

I don't know what it is about Saturdays that bring a sense of freedom and relaxation other than perhaps wired deeply into us from the time of creation was God's Sabbath.  Have you ever noticed when people use that word, we often actually feel a negative connotation? Sabbath, day of rest; even the 10 commandments tell us to keep it Holy.  O how we've twisted THAT word!  Images of sackcloth and ashes and droopy, somber faces. 

Consider that Holy means "Set Apart", Different, Special.  A Sabbath should be special and very different from the work week.  Even if we have jobs that we absolutely love, it's very helpful to spend one day a week doing something very different from it.  Our bodies and minds need a break in order to recharge and reboot.  I believe it's also a day that we can reflect back on the week and consider our work to see where we were effective.  God himself modeled this at the end of His creation in Gen 2.  Jesus, when He walked on this earth, also said that, "Man was not created for the Sabbath, but the Sabbath for man".  He constantly fought against the notion that the Sabbath was a day for the "Religious" to have a way to control the behavior of the masses!  And so, he often brought healing and restoration to people on the Sabbath (showing that He actually embodied what the Sabbath was made to do for us!)

I LOVE to watch the This Old House Hour on PBS on a Saturday morning, sip coffee, read from the Bible.  Kim and I work our weekly budget update among other things that get planned as the day moves along.

What do you like to do on a Saturday?  You can comment here or on Twitter/Facebook.

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