Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Film Thoughts

I mentioned earlier this week that I would post something regarding my journey into video production, so I've decided that Friday would be the day.

I twittered yesterday that we ordered our gear for the CSI TV Studio, and yes, I'm now like a kid waiting for Christmas to come!  Many years ago, my brother and I used to commandeer my brother-in-law's video camera and make our own segments.  I vividly remember, "Arctic Dentistry" (we lived in Canada), where at the time, my brother at age 9 or 10 had a tooth that he could remove.  Here was the script:

(Dentist walks up to patient (Bob) standing out in the snow)
Dentist: "So, you've got a tooth that's been bothering you?"
Patient: "Yes, doctor, it's killing me!"
Dentist:"Well, let's take a look.  Yep, looks bad alright, think we better get that removed."
Patient: "uhhhhhh..."
(Dentist punches Patient in the mouth, fade to black)
(Fade in from black, patient's mouth with tooth missing)
Patient: "Thanks Doc!"
Dentist: "No problem"

I so have to find that footage to post here.

Anyway, here's a look at what we ordered yesterday to get started, try not to drool on your screen!  Click Here if you want a detailed list.

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