Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tech Tuesday - A History

People wonder what I do.  That can be hard to figure out sometimes!  I tweet and blog about a lot of things that I do.

  • After college (Bob Jones University - Youth Ministry major/Music minor) (shocked?), was a youth pastor in Vancouver, BC for 5 years.  Then, a worship leader in Greenville, SC for close to 10 years.  Singer/songwriter (some of my songs are over there on the right)  I was bi-vocational in that I worked as a carpenter and then as a licensed contractor during these ministry years.

  • Transitioned from building to messing with computers.  Bought and sold old pc's from school districts, then went to work full time for the company I worked these deals with.  CSI Technology Outfitters in Easley, SC where we focus on K12 and public sector.  We also left the church we worked with and did a home church for 5 years.

  • Started there at CSI as the Georgia sales rep.  My poor sales manager, he and I both found that I was not cut out for sales!  I have this knack for creating my own niches and when we started carrying the Promethean Activboard solutions, I grabbed onto it and tried to learn the solution better than anyone.  Out of that grew a product specialist position and team that I led for 3 years.  Home church somewhat dispersed, we attended a church here in Greenville for 2 years, but never felt settled there (will do another post on the church journey). 

  • This past year found me in the marketing department coordinating some 40+ conferences that we do (local and national).  Getting things and people to the right places and at the right times, been lots of fun and I still do it although we are scaling back the number of local shows!  We've been at NewSpring Church for 3 years now, and I have been involved with the video production there and LOVE it!  That experience has re-kindled my love for video production from childhood!

  • This year, as you know (if you've been reading this blog), my marketing endeavors are expanding to include video production.  And yes, I'm excited!  We just ordered our gear and should have it by the end of this week!  We have a great lineup of informative shows to produce across our different product lines and I will post links to some recent work on these Tech Tuesday segments.

All along this journey, God, my wife, kids, and friends have been there to encourage.  There is power in having companions on the journey.  I am grateful for them and excited about the future!  The best is yet to come!

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