Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Film Thoughts

So the latter half of this week was spent sorting and assembling camera gear.  People at work chuckled as they walked by my cube, and I overheard comments like, "They said I'd find you here buried in cameras" and "Merry Christmas!".

About half way through un-boxing items, I had this momentary thought of, "O my gosh! What have I done?!  Can I really do this?"  A lot of people are counting on me to make this video marketing work.

4 things are required for success (as Jonathan Bowen and I discussed last night) after the plans are laid out:
1. Get started
2. Keep moving
3. Evaluate
4. Keep moving

So what are you wanting to do?  What are you doing to get there?  These are things I'm doing.


  1. Leo, I think a new challenge is a great thing and your attitude is vital to making it work! When I produced education videos with many of the best production crews from public television stations around the country, I learned that only 20% of the work is the shooting and editing. Most of the work goes into the planning! And of course, unboxing the cool new equipment. :) Let me know if I can help. I like unboxing cool new techy stuff.

  2. Shirley, thanks, learning that is so true! Planning is the part I'm working on for upcoming shoots in order to maximize the time of people involved as well as visualizing the end product. Still want to get together after a while and talk about this!


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