Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 25 Days of Christmas - Day 19 / Cutting It Close

Ever been under the gun?

How do you deal with stress when you need to be ready sooner than you thought?

It happened today when cue-ing up video to show at our Greenville campus. We got only 1 minute behind the main Anderson campus, so prepping it to roll was tight!

But we made it, and no one else will know how close we came (unless you're reading this) to being late!

Confidence in the process helped us to be ready even under unexpected pressure.

Kind of like life... how do we cope with life's pressures? As Clayton King is reminding is today, "Peace is not the absence of crisis, but the presence of Christ"

Preparation for life and eternity starts with Jesus. He brings the confidence to cope AND THRIVE in this life and the next.

A relationship with Jesus makes you ready for anything. It's the best preparation!
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