Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts from Last Night at All Access

Wow, what a great time last night with the ARC All Access 2010 Conference!  We got to hear from 10 rows back, speaker and leader of leaders, John Maxwell as well as Hillsong Church pastor, Brian Houston.

John spoke on the subject of his new book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect and I gotta say, has such a way of illustrating the simple truths of relationship that go deep into the heart.  Here's a couple of excerpts from last night.

  1. Connecting with people means it's about OTHERS.
  2. The worse thing in the world is an insecure leader who thinks everyone out to love him/her.
  3. Connecting with people takes energy.
  4. Look at how Jesus was willing to be inconvenienced to connect with others.
Brian spoke on the power of Prayer and that God LOVES to do the Extraordinary with Ordinary people through prayer.  Prayer can involve:
  1. Being still before God.
  2. Crying out to God.
  3. Being fervent (indignant) before God for the wrongs we see around us that need God's touch.
And what a great time of worshiping with the Hillsong United Band.  I think we sang for over an hour and a half!  Surprised I can still talk today!

Today will be another great day, loving getting to meet the guys I've connected with through Twitter and  online Bible Study, adventures will abound today, for sure!

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