Saturday, April 3, 2010


Tomorrow is the Big Day. 
Have you ever thought about why Jesus sweat "great drops of blood" as he considered what was about to take place?  What gripped him so much that he prayed, "Father, if there is any other way, but not my will, but yours"
Can it be that the Son of God for the first time in his life and eternality came face to face with the 2 things that he had no idea would be like? 
Sin and Death.  Never before personally experienced by any of the Godhead.
Sin from my life placed on him.
My deserved death served up to him.
Sin that could only be paid for by his blood.
Death that only could be resurrected by his Father.
No wonder Jesus is the one who can mediate for us like no one else.
He gives life through his Spirit to all who call on him.
He is... Jesus

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