Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Help Needed for Flooded Nashville, TN!

Hey guys, just a quick post on how we can all help the flood victims in TN!  This has been called a "500 Year" flood and the devastation is crazy!  Our good friends from Healing Place Church, who endured Hurricane Katrina, were one of the first churches on the ground in Nashville this week working with CrossPoint Church in helping with clean-up efforts and in distributing bottled water, food, and needed items to get people back on their feet.  CrossPoint Church in Nashville has already been on the move in a big way in assisting people who have lost much or all!  Seriously, giving through Crosspoint will be THE biggest bang for your helping buck! - ALL of it goes to the assistance (no admin fees)!

Here's the link for giving at CrossPoint, anything you can do will be much appreciated, When filling out the form, be SURE to choose Nashville campus and then choose Flood Relief Fund on the fund line.

Let's BE the Church.

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