Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Thoughts from a Proud Dad...

Sitting here in the breakfast room at the Hampton Inn while the fam sleeps in...

This weekend we are in Columbia.  Steve had his semi-final high school lacrosse game last night.  Wow!  What a game!  We came so close to beating Greenville HS, but didn't quite make it.  The guys played their hearts out, and really made us proud.  Both teams played very well and it was a nail-biter for sure!

So proud of my son and the man he is becoming.  It's not easy to accomplish what he has: academically, athletically, musically, and spiritually.

Academically, in the top 10% of his class (gets that from his mom!)

Athletically, captain of the lacrosse team for 2 years and one of the team's leading scorers.  I'm pretty sure he can bench more than me now and I don't know if I could take him any more in an arm wrestle!

Musically, he is really developing his God-give talent for writing and performing songs!  He and Hank are an inseparable song-writing team, and will work hours on crafting  just the right song, then with the help of Josh, record the tracks.  So enjoyable listening to them in this creative process!

Spiritually, a leader.  Never afraid to talk up Jesus with any of his friends - and not just his church going friends, he is admired and respected by all.  He is a friend to all of them.

I gotta say, going to NewSpring Church has been one of the best moves for our family.  I believe that one of the reasons Steve is where he is today in his walk with Jesus, is because of what he gets to hear from Perry Noble every week.  Perry has a real way of reaching young men that appeals to them.  He tells it like it is.  And the Youth Leaders, Davey, Joe, and Tony there have really taken to Steve and spend time with him and keep him challenged.  Seriously, Kim and I could not do this on our own; it takes the Church augmenting what we teach at home to help take our kids to the next level.

42 more days to Steve's graduation.  Hard to believe he's heading off to college in the fall.  Please keep Steve in your prayers, good men can be hard to find in this world, and I believe God has incredible plans for him!

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