Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Conqueror or Maintainer?

Often when I read through the account of the kings of Judah and Israel from the Old Testament, I find myself frustrated at the state of man. Such a reflection on my heart so many times in giving God only part of me when he desires and craves it all! I know God does not need me, but He wants me and not just part, but the whole kit and kabodle! The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! (plenty of the latter two!) This Video that Michael Harrison reminded me of this morning says it all!

When you read the story of David, you get the insight from the writers of scripture that He, for all his faults, really had a deep connection with God; hence, known as being "after God's heart". You don't see that with many kings that followed. Yes, there were bright spots in Judah's history and kings, but what set David apart?

I wonder sometimes if it wasn't the adventure that David took with God. David was forging new territory in Israel's history. This whole "king" thing was fairly new (after the first disaster of Saul) and David comes along annointed by God's prophet both with oil and Spirit; however, David's adventure with God did not start at that physical annointing,for God had already captured his heart as a boy while learning to care for his father's sheep. David's life was a series of "next steps" with God and he was in love with God; for God was in love with him!

David did not choose ease, nor did he try to maintain what Saul had established. He and God worked this kingdom out from scratch. Many battles, many long hours of administrating and establishing this new peace and prosperity for Israel. Many more hours seeking God and meditating and praising him in prayer and song.

The kings that followed mostly seemed to go into "Maintain" mode instead of expanding the kingdom at God's direction. They allowed foolish pride to enter in, mostly did not seek God's guidance. Perhaps it was also that David forgot to pass his legacy on to his children!

What do we take away from all this? Seek God wholeheartedly! (God, please forgive me for not giving you my best!) Meditate on His words, His praises, His guidance. God is working all around us to build His Church/Kingdom. Enter into that fresh work. Some churches have sought to just maintain the "good, ol' days" and maybe it's time for you to step out and be part of something fresh and new; forge ahead into new uncharted territory! And don't forget to include your family in this adventure and pray that they will come to experience God in amazing ways too!

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