Monday, September 7, 2009

ChickFilA Free Sandwich

If you were like me today, you were 1 of the millions that went to ChickFilA for the free Labor Day Chicken Sandwich.

We spent the day with friends at the lake today so we did not get to our first ChickFilA until 6:40pm. We parked in an adjacent parking lot and were going to walk in to order. We were stopped at lot though and informed that they had run out of chicken. Wow! That's a lot of chicken, considering they had been giving it away since 10:30am this morning!

We proceeded to the next location enroute to home and the girls and I actually got inside and up to the counter to order. As we ordered, we heard the guy from the kitchen come and tell a manager that there were only 15 sandwiches left. Those of us that heard were told that we were probably safe. Needless to say, once we received our sandwiches (yes!), we made a quick exit of the building. We did not want to be there when they would soon announce the "Out of Chicken" bit!

ChickFilA was not offering, so far as I know, a voucher for those that missed the opportunity for a free sandwich. Sooo glad we made it in time!

Reminds me of Jesus' story of the 10 virgins waiting on the groom. 5 were wise and prepared ahead of time with extra oil for their lamps, and 5 were foolish and did not prepare ahead. At ChickFilA, we made it by the skin of our teeth, or as Scripture says, "as by fire". I want my life to be one that is ready for Jesus; one that is ready for His return, one that is ready for His daily displays of His love, grace and mercy to others.

Preparation starts with time spent with Jesus each day. These times with Him are incredible; He has so much to share, it has become one of my favorite things about the morning! Jesus never forces it , he waits for us. Many of us like to say, "O, I'm waiting on God..." but as Pastor P always says, "we've never had to wait for God, it's He who waits for us!"

How about you? Are you prepared for whatever Jesus has for you? Whatever it is, it's even better than a free chicken sandwich!

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