Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta's Water Problem

Photo Courtesy Atlanta Journal Constitution

So, you've probably been hearing and seeing this on the news. It's really hard to believe that this "capital of the south" was under severe drought conditions not long ago! Now it's almost like someone forgot to be very specific with God in praying for water! I've found myself, along with many others, now praying, "Ok, God, if you will, you can turn it off now, please!"

Now, of course, God really knows whats going on. But it does drive home to me the reminder to be very specific in how I pray... I know that Larry the Cable Guy can be a little crass, but I really do laugh when he stops to pray after saying something a little risque, and says what we grew up in church praying..."God bless the missionaries there with the pygmies, blah blah blah.." as if saying a little hail mary covers us.

So, knowing my Father a little better now, I try to be specific in what I'm asking for. What do we ask for? The guidlines are found in the Lord's Prayer and help me when I call out to Him. This model for prayer keeps me praying about and asking for the things that line up in His will.

If you read this, remember to pray for the people of Atlanta. It's heart-wrenching to hear of homes lost/destroyed and people affected. Pray for the churches around the country that are coordinating with area churches (WestRidgeChurch BuckheadChurch TheChurchAtChapelHill)to reach out and help in any way they can. This is a great time for Jesus' hands and feet to be seen and God's message of love and salvation to be heard.

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