Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thoughts on Home Groups from our Virginia Roadtrip

The Trip
Yesterday, Kim, Nicole, Jessica and I left for Collinsville, Virginia.  We stayed overnight in Reidsville, NC before finishing our journey this morning.  Got to worship and fellowship with friends, Michael and Julie Harrison and their family.  Michael pastors the The Community Fellowship there in Collinsville (located near Martinsville, for all you NASCAR fans!) 

The Visit
We arrived in time for the morning service.  Worship time was sweet and Michael preaches with a passion that flows from his deep relationship with Jesus, his obvious love for his family and the people he pastors, and his love for the community around them in Henry County!  We got to hear about their recent trip to the LA Dream Center and their dream to begin one in Collinsville and of the incredible Hope that God wants us to know!  One of the other things that struck me in the service was the lady who shared about the power of Home Groups in her and her husband's life.  They came to know Jesus as a result of friends inviting them to church about a year ago and then were baptized.  And they are fed by Michael's teaching each Sunday.

The Take Away
But the home group has been the environment where they have really grown in their relationship with God.  What an amazing dynamic that while The Community Fellowship runs around 200 people on a Sunday, small enough that you'd think you could know everyone, the real fellowship and growth catalyst still comes from that Home Group environment where meeting, eating, studying, sharing, serving together open the doors and unlock the keys to their hearts!  We were designed for community.  Anything "we do" for God comes as a result of the work "He does" in us.  God uses those close to us to encourage us to remain in Him and welcome His work in our hearts.  That work becomes the fountain from which our service flows!  Many times, people in larger churches complain about growth as keeping them from enjoying the sweet fellowship of the good 'ol days, but in reality, no matter the size, we all need a small sized group (i.e. Home Group) that surrounds us with fellowship with people we can be real with. 

Your Thoughts on Home Groups?

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  1. Thank you, Leo, for your kind words and your friendship. Small home groups are the places were relationships find ground to grow in, for those close to be encouraged and served, and for outreach to begin with gusto. Our group tonight talked about helping a group of students at the local alternative schools. Those students have been pushed aside yet need hope. Small or home groups are important to our church and are helping us grow stronger. More great days to come.


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