Monday, May 10, 2010

Yard/Garden Work Therapy

We started out our weekend Fri night with some yard work...  Kim weeded the garden while I pushed the lawnmower.  There is something strangely therapeutic about working the land for us.  I think for some of us, it is genetic.  I have friends that consider yard/garden work a waste of time, but interestingly enough find their refreshment/therapy in other activities such as mechanical or hobby activities.  We are all wired differently, but we have the need to unwind a little through activities that are not part of our everyday routine.

Our push mower needed replacing this year, so we picked up a new one a about a month ago.  I have 3 areas that I push, and the larger area out back that I use Carl's (father-in-law) riding mower.  It takes me about 2 hours to push the front and back lawns, so it's like 2 hour, very varied terrain, workout on the treadmill!  Great cardio on the push mower, and then when I get on the rider, it's a great time to just let my mind think about the nature around me. 

There's quite a forest next to our home where there used to be a cleared field of 3 acres.  Pines, dogwoods, cypress, and many other varieties are now filling that landscape and even attracting wildlike back.  A few weeks ago, the kids saw 7 deer in our back yard, we see bunnies quite frequently, and once or twice a week, we wake up to hear a coyote or two preying on something at about 5 in the morning!  Keep in mind, we are located right in the middle of the Greenville/Spartanburg area with subdivisions all around us!

I also have some of my best conversations with God on the riding mower. Row upon row, clipping away, it's pretty cool to connect with the Father and just bask in His love and grace.  Sometimes, I don't say a thing, and just feel His presence and listen for His voice; othertimes, I'm just telling Him what's going on with me.

Whatever your unwind activity is, I know that most of you can relate to this.  Some of our best ideas or solutions to problems can come during these times kind of like from dreams in the night.

Guard these times, don't give up on them.  It's not easy to get the mower out or head to the garden to weed, but when the grass and weeds are getting long, it's a reminder that there things in my mind that need a little trimming  and working too!

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