Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ode to Dave Ohlerking

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On a hill over there
In the midst of the storm
Lives a Dream of Hope
For children everywhere
Can you see it...?

And that hope is born of love
Love that conquers every fear
In the lives of people willing to say
Hope is Jesus, Hope is Jesus

And our hope is in You
All our cares cast away
Let us share Your love
And in all we do, we say
Hope is Jesus, Hope is Jesus

Dave had a famous phrase, "Hope's name is Jesus"

I had the privilege to meet Dave 1 year ago at the ARC All Access conference. He had the kindest eyes I've ever encountered, and they shone with that Hope. God, let me share that same Hope with others!


  1. Great word Leo!! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Thanks Steve, we need more guys like Dave! Thankful, too, for you and your brother who model Jesus with feet on!


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