Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Season Change

Well, it's that time already!  Where did summer go?  It still gets pretty warm during the day, but the mornings are beginning to have the autumn feel!  There's nothing in the world like the changing of the seasons, the different smells and feels as planet Earth tilts a little in our hemisphere. 

It seems to be ingrained in us to associate different activities with different seasons, and for fall it can be football, hunting, hiking, exploring new little towns in the mountains, bonfires, camping..

Seasons come and seasons go... to everything there is a season... there are different seasons of life too.  This year we begin a season of having a kid in college.  New challenges figuring out the ropes of getting Steve all set for courses, books, new job, etc.  So far, so good!

Seasons of ministry... I look over the past of our involvement with the Church.  Youth pastor, worship leader, home church, currently volunteering with our church's video production team, and excited about where our church is venturing into with serving our community.  Working through ministry ideas with a good friend regarding using our speaking and musical abilities.

What's your favorite season?  What season are you at in life?  Seasons come and go, learn to embrace them and give all you can to them.  You'll be better off for it!  They are gifts from God.

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