Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Adventures

Remember summer as a kid?  Full of anticipation and uncharted adventures, we would embark on each day like the antics found in a "Pirates of the Carribean"... sort of a "Never Ending Story"...

It's awesome to see my kids and their friends carry on this great tradition of childhood (even at the ages of 11, 14, and 18!).  Each day brings things like badminton, swimming, hiking, exploring new lakes/fishing, frisbee, rafting, camping, music writing/playing, etc...

For those of us a "little" older, how do WE look at each day?  Do we still have that same youthful approach to summertime?  They say the key to staying young starts in the mind.  It's too easy to sit back and coast; it takes effort to tackle the day, the will-power to say, "Let's GO!"  When we do, we experience those classic summertime - "Best Day Ever" moments.

So who's ready for adventure today?  Carpe Diem.

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