Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogging from 35,000 ft!

Wow! What an age we live in! Here I am up in the air and able to do this... With todays technology, there really are not many barriers to Communication anymore! With great tools comes great responsibility! So here's your encouragement for today!

Proverbs has great insight into the human condition and such great advice and wisdom for our lives! Things like: Think before you speak or act. Last night at Steve's basketball game, I was watching a kid on the other team that "seemed" to have a terrible taunting attitude. In my mind, he seemed to be really in Steve's face and upsetting him. In reality, Steve loved playing against him and enjoyed the competitive banter. What a great attitude on Steve's part but a clear indication of my tendency to see negativity!

I have so much to learn I and learned from Steve last night that often life is what you make of it!

God, let your Spirit be the One to guide my thoughts, words, and actions today!

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