Sunday, January 24, 2010

Church at the BiLo Center!

Wow, still recovering from today's NewSpring 10th Anniversary Celebration! Around 14,000 (almost capacity) people joined together under one roof today to celebrate the work of Jesus over the past 10 years! My family and I have been a part of NewSpring Church for a little over 2 years now, and are a part of that history!

Our son, Steve decided to be baptized here. He accepted Jesus at a young age and so it was so fulfilling to see him make this decision as a young man to identify himself with Jesus through this baptism.

Our daughter, Nicole, gave her life to Jesus last Easter season and was also baptized. Jessica is still in the question phase... but what a great environment where she gets to hear about Jesus on her level every week from people who really love her!

God is SO at work in our extended family members and friends (up to 16 including us because someone invited us!) who started coming and keep coming back! Seriously, there will be a book written about it someday!

So today was very emotional getting to hear about so many lives touched by Jesus through the ministry of NewSpring Church. But it didn't stop there!

Over 350 people made their way down front to receive Jesus into their hearts and lives! I was ushering in the nosebleed section behind stage and there were people from there that walked all the way down to pray at the front of the stage! They then walked all the way back up to continue praising God in song - the tears were flowing!

The music was just amazing today! We have such an annointed and blessed group of musician/worship leaders that have committed their gifts to Jesus and HIS Glory - and it shows!

I am worn out! In a good way... : ) Pray for Perry and our church leaders, they have to be exhausted!

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